Creating Connections

Visitry's goal is to create interpersonal relationships within your community


Reduce Barriers


Take out the middle man. Members organize visits convenient to their schedule and location.


Less Intervention

more control

Members organize their own visits. Administrators have a real-time view of every visit, ability to instantly communicate with members, and to act on their behalf. Feedback and data allow for continual improvement of the program.


Safety First


Friendly visiting programs have full control over membership in the program - who can request and perform visits. Programs can continue to use the processes they already have in place to protect their members.



Request Visit

Members can control when and where they will be visited by answering 3 simple questions: Where? What day? What time?


Location Based Search

Volunteers can see who is available close to a preffered location for more volunteering opportunities and convenience.


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Once a visit is scheduled between two members Visitry will share their contact information to make sure they can meet up successfully. Program administrators have the ability communicate with their members at anytime. It is easy for members to build lasting relationships through reoccurring visits and targeted notifications. 



Administrators have full access to what their memebers are doing, including feedback from the visits. This data can be used to evaluate and improve the success of the program.



Personalized Profile

Easy to use profiles allow members to share information which will improve personal connections with each other and administrators.

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