Market: Organizations that offer volunteer visiting programs to the millions of clients and volunteers served nation-wide.

Users: Volunteers of all ages, elders and their helpers, program administrators.


Geo-location services and scheduling features

Evidence-based, person-centered design with measurable results. Visitry emphasizes face-to-face connections, promotes volunteerism & reduces social isolation.

A detailed profile of the requestor can be viewed by the visitor to improve the match between the two.

​Feedback and data provide metrics for program administrators.

Problem: Social isolation impacts as many as 17% of Americans over 50,* or more than 18 million individuals. Negative health effects are comparable to that of smoking 15 cigarettes a day, obesity, or substance abuse.

*May 2012 AARP Framework for Isolation in Adults Over 50

Solution: Community based volunteer visitor programs are on the front lines. Visitry provides technology to strengthen & expand those programs, offering real-time convenience and autonomy to the elders and volunteers, plus feedback and data to the program administrators.

​Visitry uses technology to lower barriers to making in-person connections between isolated elders and community members, helping the elder to age in place, age with intention, and helping both persons build local community ties.

With geo-location services, requester and visitor can see who is available in their neighborhood.

A visit is easy to request to fit the schedule and needs of the requester.